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What to Look For When Choosing a How-To Book on Meeting and Attracting Women...

What to Look For When Choosing a How-To Book on Meeting and Attracting Women...

Have you ever noticed that there are at least as many sites out there proclaiming to know how to get game with women as there are women out there?

How many of these 'writers' can actually score chicks? Answer: not very many.

Hmmm... I wonder if they've got a scam going...

Well, I'm here to clear the air for you on this one, and help point you to the best online dating information has to offer. I'll show you how to spot the fluff from the Real Stuff.

Let's look at the warning signs:

First of all, do you get the impression when you load their sites or look at their documents that these guys haven't quite finished fourth grade? They pepper their information with plenty of crude terminology and misspelled words, or they're promoting the concept of getting easy one-night stands with ANY woman at ANY time -- claims that no man could make. Take a look at their content and decide whether it's someone you'd take credibly for any kind of service, much less dating and sex advice. I'd have to click away from a site that looks like it was cobbled together with sappy graphics and a bad font. And if he can't show me more than a miracle penis-enlargement cure, it's time to move on.

Next, what do you think the credibility is of a guy who looks like your perverted uncle, has a PHD from a school in Outer Mongolia, and looks like he's been dating since they first scribbled the word on papyrus? Ask yourself, is this short, bald guy with a beer-belly REALLY getting some ass, or just your cash? There's a lot to be said for the guys who appear to be getting laid. Not that you should judge solely on appearance, since we all know that's not the essential trait, but if he looks like a fashion nightmare on Elm Street, and your first thought is, "Dude! I think that's my dad!" I'd wonder ... a LOT. (Say what you will about Billy Clinton, but you could look at him and still know the guy was getting some serious tail.)

And is the information they're promoting mostly common sense? There's a lot of programs and techniques out there that teach you how to hypnotize women by stroking their wrist and using seduction code words, but these things only work on women with the intellect of a ten-year-old, and even then they require an unbelievably ugly numbers ratio to get your first success. Who wants that much pain for so little gain...? Steer clear of any seduction product that requires you to go clubbing and look for emaciated model-wannabes with the self-esteem of a whipped dog.

Now, let's take a look at the bookshelves of most retail bookstores...

- "How to Be Her Prince Charming" - Crap

- "How to Marry A Rich Man" by Shallow Woman - Garbage

- "He's a Jerk, You're a Goddess" - For wimpy guys in need of a testicle transplant

- "Blessed Union of Eternal Love for Couples" - For spiritual dweebs in search of the "white light" of love

C'mon. Around 80% of the books you see on the shelves of any bookstore are complete crap when it comes to giving you the goods on being successful with women. And considering only a handful actually cover the topic of men's dating, you'd be lucky to get a couple of real-life valuable tips from the authors.

Let's get one thing straight: WOMEN buy most of the books today, especially those labeled "Relationship" or "Dating." And nearly all of those are written to cover every disfunction you could imagine (primarily for women who got themselves involved with a guy they aren't compatible with and should only have dated a couple of times, got her fun, and then moved on.) Or, the authors complain incessantly about men and how to reform them into someone they can marry.

Still others are in pursuit of the "perfect" relationship where two souls unite in one spectral rainbow of pure goodness. Man, I'm gonna be sick... Nice goal, but for the 99% of us out there just trying to make it work on the basic compatibility and sex level, they are of no practical use at all in attracting and dating women.

Considering the fact that most of the books are BOUGHT by women, who do you think most of the books are written FOR? (If you need time to think about that one, come back to this page when you're ready.) Yup, that would be "Women" for $500, Alex. Would you like to go for double-jeopardy?

Don't even get me started on magazines. When was the last time you found ONE good, lengthy article for meeting and attracting women in ANY men's magazine? Why do you suppose this is?

Here's what you want to find in a book or site that gives you the real deal on women and dating:

– A newsletter: Do they give you a little free taste from the buffet? If you get valuable information in their FREE advice, you can bet their products are more than worth the price. Join the newsletter and read the articles. See what you think.

– Simple approach: No dumb hypnosis and complicated mirroring techniques to "trance" her, or "pattern" her. If it's a "system," chances are it's like your computer "system" - hard to work and more frustrating than trying to read subtitles on a French chick-flick. You want the information to be practical, real-life, and workable. If it sounds too good to be true, it often is.

– A quality site with great links: Some sites are more focused on the actual advice and helping, and others balance it out with more links to other resources. If they appear to live in a vacuum, where there is no one else but them, they may just be afraid of quality competition. And the appearance and organization of the site does go a long way in projecting the author or publisher's approach and thoroughness to detail.

– Breadth of information: The book, e-book, or website should cover multiple facets of information, from dating to sex, from attitudes and motivation to strategies and tactics. If it's solely about pickup lines, you're going to feel ripped off when your line works – but you have no clue how to take it from there.

– A money-back guarantee. Most men are honest, and when they find a product they like, they don't mind paying for it. A guarantee just assures you that you can trust the author and take a risk.

– Don't be fooled by cute gimmicks, like emails to you from a woman's name to get you to think that they're somehow in on it with hot love-slave women named Fiona or Desiree.

Here's the Real Deal: The sites I list below all meet the criteria I've just given you. Consider them worth our stamp of approval. Common sense should tell you that this isn't marketing baloney; they're run by guys who are out there, meeting women, attracting women, and GETTING LAID.

# DatingDynamics.com - Fantastic e-book and supplementary materials, like their e-zines. Get on the mailing list for tips, advice, and strategies.

# Remingtonpublications.com - Dennis Neder has provided excellent dating information for single men through his book Being a Man in a Woman's World and his web site.

# DatingInsider.com - Superb members-only content, with a message board for getting your questions heard and answered. (Of course we're going to mention this one!) In addition to a recent feature in Maxim Magazine, there are many testimonials to the program's effectiveness available at the website. Get on the mailing list.

# AskMen.com - Good dating advice, though heavily commercialized. Wide variety of writers.

# SeducersWorld.com - Home of Robert Greene's book, The Art of Seduction. Psychological and historical profile of the many facets of seduction.

So, stop listening to Uncle Ned with the bowl haircut and an expired counseling license. He can only help you AFTER you have your mental breakdown from the bad advice that all the other sites out there are giving you.

My old boss in the financial services business used to say, "When I want to get information on making money and getting rich, I go find a guy who's got a bigger pile of money than I have. Not the stockbroker in debt up to his ears - I go find the guy WHO'S DOING WHAT I WANT TO DO. And I listen to HIM."

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