Monday, March 24, 2008

Top Ten Turn Offs for Women

You can tell a lot about someone on a first date. Tone of a voice, posture, body language and what a person talks about are all things that make a heavy first impression.

1. Scent - When a man doesn't have good personal hygiene it sends a big signal of laziness to a woman. Women often wear their boyfriend's favorite shirt just to carry his scent around with her. A woman won't want to get ten feet around you if you smell bad. Here's a tip: use pheromones.

2. Bad Teeth - A smile speaks a thousand words. When a man takes care of his teeth he becomes more attractive to a woman. Nobody is going to fantasize about kissing a man with bad teeth.

3. Bad Posture - The way a man carries himself says a lot about his character. If he slumps or carries his shoulders downward she will think that he is cowardly or weak.

4. Self Absorbed - When a man's favorite topic is himself he won't make it to second base with most women. A woman wants to know that a man is interested in her, and wants to get to know what she is all about.

5. Laziness - This is one of the biggest complaints women have about men. A relationship will usually sour within a short time can if the romance dwindles. Men can get lazy in the romance department rather fast. Once a guy has won over a woman he will usually stop trying. Interest in each other should never wane or the relationship will surely fail.

6. Penny Pinching - The majority of women hate men who keep track of every penny they spend. This sends a message that the man will be cheap on a date or will have a problem with spending money if they were to become a couple.

7. Womanizer - Women like to be a man's one and only. While most women do not mind if he looks at another woman, she would be turned off if he were to flirt with others.

8. Too Quiet - Being shy or quiet can be associated with boring or reserved. When a man is very quiet or shy a woman will usually move on. Women like to be pursued. Talkers tend to reveal more about themselves which can make them more approachable.

9. Coming on Too Strong - A woman wants to be pursued but usually will lose interest if a man comes on too strong on the first date. Part of the thrill is the chase. She wants a relationship to reach intensity over time. Groping and pawing on the first date can change her opinion of her date really fast.

10. No Ambition - Women want men who have a plan for the future. Men are attractive when they have a vision or direction he strives towards. She will see passion in his everyday living and a future that might include her someday.

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