Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Online dating: Photos For Your Profile

To give other singles an idea of what you look like, most online dating services will require that you include a photo with your profile. Just as you would want to look good for your first date, you'll want to look good in your photo.

It is best to use a color photo. Black and white photos do not have the same level of realism as color photos. Color photo representations are far more accurate.

Make sure that your photo is clear and focused. If you don't have a recent, focused photo of yourself, get one taken. If your features aren't clear in the photo, people may wonder what you have to hide.

Don't wear sunglasses or hats in the photo. Your face should not be hidden behind hands, pets, people, trees, furniture, or signs. Once again, people may wonder if you have something to hide.

Use a photo that shows you looking good. Photos can often express some of your personality and originality! The photo should be a recent photo, not from 10 years ago.

Try to avoid using a group photo, unless it is you with your children or grandchildren. Be proud of your family. Don't use photos where it is hard to who you are in a group of people (for instance, you with friends of the same age).

Avoid any "suggestive" photos. This will attract unwanted characters. If you are unsure of a particular photo, ask yourself - would I want my date's family and friends to see this photo?

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