Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Online Breakups

Online relationship breakups can often be tougher than offline breakups. While you may never have met them face to face, or even spoken to them on the phone, you will still have had a personal connection with them.

Because we are inclined to open up more rapidly to other people online, an online break-up will often hurt much more. Understand that what you are feeling is natural, and that the hurt will pass.

Post Breakup Tips

Get away from the computer. You have probably spent a lot of time on the computer, so take the time to go outside, and enjoy the outdoors.

Clean your house. Use all that negative energy inside you for a good purpose.

Call up some old offline friends and catch up. You may not have seen them much recently, because you were caught up with your online relationship.

Find some old online friends too. They can help you through you through the tough times as well. An added bonus is that they will understand how you are feeling after your online breakup.

Stop using the chat you were using while you were going out. Find another chat room or message board.

Pack away any photos or anything else that you received from your online love. It is not necessary to throw anything though, unless you really feel like you need to.

When you are ready to try online dating again, sign up to an online dating service. Don't bring any resentment from your past relationship into your new one though!

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