Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The First Phone Call

At some stage, you may wish to take your online dating to the next level - a phone conversation. If you are nervous about your first phone call, don't be. Soon enough, you'll be talking
on the phone like you've known each for years.

So whether you've already fallen in love over email - or you want to test them before you get serious - our advice will help you make a great first phone call.

Smile and Calm Down

Remember to smile while you are talking. Smiling can calm you down, and make you fell more comfortable. The other person will be able to "hear" your smile - which will help them relax
as well.

When to Make the First Call

Plan your first call. Make sure you have no distractions around at the time - like other people. Your attention should be focused solely on them.

Topics of Conversation

If you are scared about awkward, uncomfortable silences, take the time to prepare a "Topic List". Write down a few topics to talk about, so if you get stuck for conversation, you can
pick something from your topic list.

Chose a few topics that you have been talking about on line. This help you both feel comfortable with each other, as you have already discussed the topics online.

How to Finish the Call

Don't just say "goodnight" and hang up. Organise your next phone call, or at least mention that you would like to speak again.

If you don't want to speak with the other person again, mention this also. It is best to be honest! If the other person isn't interested in you, remember that there are plenty of other
people looking for love online!

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