Monday, March 24, 2008

Learn To Be Confident And Take Rejection in Your Stride!

No matter who you are or where you are from, rejection will happen to you at some point, whether it be a job interview, a loan application or asking for a date. The key to success in dating is knowing how to handle the inevitable rejections. When you get rejected it can be quite upsetting and you may start to question yourself. DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY.

The most successful date seekers laugh in the face of rejection and simply try again.

Do not expect high success rates in singles bars and dance clubs. Try normal, everyday, common places instead.

Broaden your horizon.

If you must date only the best looking men or prettiest girls, your rejection rate is going to be much higher.

Be realistic.

The more you date, the more skilled you will become and besides, there is no known link between physical appearance and dates that are the most fun.

Rejection is definitely not fun. However, a rejection is only one person's opinion. You don't like everyone, and everyone isn't going to like you. If someone says no, then he or she misses out on getting to know great you really are.

Take care of yourself and always improve physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Looking out for yourself and feeling good about yourself will make you confident. Again, if you can take care of yourself, there is a good chance you can take care of others. If you appear that you can fulfill the needs of others, you are attractive.

Brainwash yourself by looking in the mirror everyday and telling yourself that you are an attractive person. If you could convince yourself that you are attractive, you would soon feel attractive. Feeling attractive will make you feel confident. Confident, in return, will make you attractive. This is a classic self-fulfilling prophecy.

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