Monday, March 24, 2008

How to Know a Relationship is Over

Sometimes it is hard to tell if the relationship is really over or if your just taking a break. If you broke up with her and you change your mind, it's also hard to tell if she wants you back. If it was a sudden breakup then the spark between you two has a good chance of still being there. There are always signs to help you understand where you stand. If it is not totally obvious to you, check out some of our hints:

  1. If she treats you differently than she treated you before...perhaps friendlier...then you know you're in the unescapable friend stage.

  2. If she starts talking about other guys with you.

  3. She insists on paying for herself.

  4. She wants to have group dates rather than individual dates with you.

  5. She says nothing when she knows you are talking to other women.

  6. If your relationship slowly deteriorated then the spark usually goes out for good.

  7. She doesn't seem excited to talk to you.

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