Monday, March 24, 2008

Top 10 Ways to Impress Girls During Sex

If you want to enhance your sex relationship, do the following:

  1. Cuddle after you orgasm

    Many guys make the mistake of leaving or falling asleep right after sex; this seems very legitimate to us men, but women have a whole different mindset. If you want to impress her, then after you dump your load, cuddle and talk to her for a good amount of time before you hop in your truck and go home.

    If you visit a girl and fuck her, then leave right after, which isn’t such an uncommon thing to do, she will most definitely think you’re a jerk. Even a little talking, cuddling or saying some nice things before you bail will go a long way.

  2. Physical contact

    Women love physical contact during sex. Whether it is fondling her breasts or kissing and feeling the shape of her body it will make a huge difference to the woman. She will feel more intimate with you and love you for it.

    Try the many things you know during sex to enhance her time. You might want to try licking her ear, whispering in her ear, biting her ear, rubbing her breasts, etc. Try to be touchy feely.

  3. Take some control

    Men do most of the deciding on positions so learn them! Read our Kama Sutra section for positions. During sex you will have to take control of the situation—know what you’re doing. Do not be rough about it. In a gentle way, move her into the positions you like. Make sure she is alright with the positions before you start pounding away. Not all men are gentle and caring. Be that man and you will win her over.

  4. Try to please her

    If you want more sex she will obviously have to like it; so please her as well as yourself. Try to last longer and give her a great time. There are condoms that help delay your time of arrival incase you need that.

  5. Pay attention to her

    Many times us men will get caught up in the enjoyment and beauty of her body that we will neglect what she wants. Next time your in bed with a woman, pay attention to her, even ask her what her favorite position is beforehand to enhance your night. Make sure you're paying attention to her desires as well as yours.

  6. Try new things

    You don’t want sex to be the same every time or it will become routine and boring. Add new positions or games. There is a myriad of new things to try out that will spice up your sex life. But as you are trying new things, make sure she is alright with it and don’t try a really crazy thing without speaking with your partner first.

  7. Be careful what you do

    Sometimes we get carried away with language or too much physical contact. If you’re going to call her names in bed, cum on her, or “slap her ass”, you will definitely need to be careful. She might eventually think you do not respect her (and of course you do). If you and she are into these sorts of things in bed, you should make sure to have more intimate and special nights to remind her that you do respect her.

  8. Take it slow

    Instead of constantly ripping off her clothes whenever the two of you are alone; try taking it down a notch. Once in awhile, at least, take her clothes off slowly. Just because you’re up and ready to go this instant does not mean you have to. After you’ve stripped naked, feel her body and have some fun with foreplay before you enter her.

  9. Be thoughtful

    What more can be said? She is a person and has feelings too. Don’t take her out for fastfood or have her cook for you everyday. Make her a nice meal after she has had a long day and be romantic. Put wood in the fireplace and dim the lights. Women appreciate things that most men never do. Make her feel special before you climb into bed.

  10. Be sensual

    The more you touch, whisper in her ear, massage, lick, and kiss her the more the both of you will enjoy the night. The longer the episode lasts the better it will be. Rub her back, or lick her neck before you get going. Touch her all over and have her touch you. Kiss intimately and take your time. The longer you wait, the more she will want you and the better the night will be.


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  3. After reading your advice I took it upon myself to set up a lovely evening with dinner, soft lights and music, and champagne. Once things started heating up in the bedroom I could no longer control myself and I yelled out "Spin that wheel like Bob Barker, baby!" and it completely killed the mood. What can I do to control urges like these?

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