Monday, March 24, 2008

5 Signs That You Gave Her Great Sex

  1. She is weak

    You have just finished and you see she looks exhausted after you did all the work… and that is a sign she had an intense time. Her knees will be weak and she will just need to lay there in bed for awhile. Now you can be proud of yourself as a man to have dominated her the way you did.

  2. She is very happy

    You will look over and see her smiling. It will be obvious she has had a good time because she will smiling and will talk about how great it was. She might even refer back to “last night” or “that one night”. She might even mention it two or three times the next day. If anything of the sort occurs you will know you did some damage.

  3. She cries

    Sometimes it’s scary when a girl cries after sex, but when it’s for the right reason it’s a compliment. If she experienced a huge orgasm and it brought emotions out, she is not crying for some weird reason; she is crying because you made her feel very good.

  4. She is still aroused

    These are more of the obvious signs that she had a good time if you couldn’t already tell.

    After all the work and physical contact you went through, she will obviously not be cold, and yet her nipples are still looking up at you…hmm… she must be happy. If she was yelling and screaming and squirting her juices, that would be another dead giveaway that she loved you loving her.

  5. She is emotional

    Much like the crying part, except without the crying, she will be very emotional and want to hold you and not let go. This is always healthy to do, but when she really wants you to squeeze her tight you know something was different about that time. So put your arms around her and be satisfied she liked it and that she will want more tomorrow.

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