Monday, March 24, 2008

How to be a "Sensitive guy": the quick fix

Myth: You need to be a hunk with a Porsche and an expensive stereo to get laid.

Fact: You don't REALLY need any of the above (although it wouldn't hurt). All you need to be is be "sensitive". If you are not "sensitive" you can learn. It's a small price to pay, believe me.

Ever heard women talk about "sensitive" guys and wondered what they have in mind? Before we begin, let's examine women's motivations more closely.

Fact: Women like to complain about their life, about everything. The shortcut to a woman's heart is: get her to start bitching to you. Once upon a time, there lived a Russian writer guy who wrote: "If you want to seduce a woman, just listen to her complaining". And God knows, he was really on to something.

This is really sweet. You just sit there and listen. SHE does all the talking. But don't just sit there like a rock. You've got to pay attention to what she is saying. Don't interrupt. But make sympathetic noises from time to time, like "Yeah", "This really sucks" and so on. She is getting your undivided attention, which means you "understand" her, which makes you a "sensitive" guy and her friend. Well, you get the idea.

A sensitive guy is a guy who listens to women's bitching. The best gift that you can give to a woman is the gift of your attention.


  1. nice really useful.

  2. Funny and yet a one dimensional perspective. For women sensitive can also translate to smart/suave men. Not just men who listen and "understand".