Monday, March 24, 2008

Art Of Flirting: Tips for Men


First impressions really do count. Make sure you are looking good and feeling fresh. Nobody wants to snog a slob. Check out our fashion section here for some great ideas on the hottest gear to get hold of.

Catch her eye

When you have spotted your potential date, simply try to catch her eye and raise your eyebrows up and down.

If she responds in the same way, that is a good sign. If she responds with a big smile, lips open, she is definitely interested. If you get no response at all, it may be that she is just very shy and looked away because she is embarrassed.

If you are with a group of lads, try standing away from the group slightly to demonstrate your individuality and point your body in her direction to show her that you are interested.

If after a couple of times trying and you get no response, leave it at that. This will happen sometimes for a number of reasons. Don’t take it as a personal rejection, move on.

The initial approach

So, you have had some really encouraging signs so far and now is the time to actually talk to her. For some, this is daunting, but it shouldn`t be, just remember, you are already half way there.

Do NOT use cheesy chat up lines. They don’t work and make girls cringe.

Instead, go for icebreakers. Compliment her about something she is wearing or talk about the venue where you are.

For example: “Hi, I couldn't’t help but notice that really nice necklace you are wearing, it really suits you. My name is James, by the way, pleased to meet you.”

I know that sounds really cheesy. I am not suggesting that you use that word for word, instead, adapt it to your current situation and surroundings. Be flexible.

Another example, in the supermarket this time.

Perhaps at the wine section. You could start a conversation something like: "Excuse me, sorry to interrupt, I don't normally drink red wine, could you recommend something that goes with beef"

Always maintain eye contact at this point and don’t talk to her breasts.

Make her laugh. Be light hearted, tell her what you like about her (again avoid the breasts), avoid serious subjects, maintain eye contact. Remember, the eyes are the gateway to the heart and that is what you want ultimately, her heart.

Keep your eyebrows slightly raised when she talks to you and lean in towards her, giving her your full attention.

Look at her mouth (not the breasts) when she speaks, deep down she'll be wondering whether you're thinking about kissing her, which in turn will make her think about kissing you.

Signs that she is interested in you

- Nice big smile, showing off her pearly whites

- Biting her lip or showing the tongue

- Putting a fingernail between her teeth

- Raised eyebrows together with a smile

- Playing with her hair

- Playing with a glass or other object close to hand

- Laughs in unison with you

If all goes to plan and you are getting some of these signs, then you are well on your way to hopefully getting your first date.

I don't know if I have mentioned this lads, but don't talk to her breasts!

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