Monday, March 24, 2008

I Love You For Your Personality, Baby. Now Get In Bed

Okay, you were shown how to make the woman fall in love with you on your first date. She thinks you are NOT like other guys. Now how do you make the transition from mushy romantic to your true self (horny S.O.B.)? The answer is: slowly.

Fact: Women are always wondering: does this guy want me for "one thing only"? Or does he like the whole package? Does he love my personality as well as my assets?

The answer to the last two questions should be a resounding YES! if you want to get the woman to sleep with you. What to do?

For starters, try treating her as a person from day one, not just a piece of meat that a horny S.O.B. like yourself wants. Treat her with respect and dignity above all, not at all like a slut, even if she IS a slut.

Ask her name. Pay attention to what she is saying, like what she is saying is real valuable. TALK to her about stuff (but not about something that will bore her to extinction, like computers). And avoid sexy topics like the plague (like your body parts, or what you'd like to do to her, or to have done to you). Otherwise she would think: He thinks I am a slut, he wants me for one thing only, he is showing me no respect! Light gossip about people you know makes for good conversation.

Don't try to grope her on your first date and don't drop your pants either, for reasons outlined above.

Another idiotic strategy would be to show the woman porn movies in the hope of "turning her on". That's a sure way to turn a woman off! Porn is strictly a guy thing. In short, try and avoid revealing your true horny self for as long as possible.

Show respect

Above all, take your time with her, what's the rush? First you have to pass the various tests: Does he like me? Does he like me for one thing only? Only then will you be allowed to do the heavy-duty stuff that you really want. Remember the rules of etiquette that your parents taught you? That's terribly important around women. If you remember those, that means you respect her "personality" and you are a "sensitive" guy!

To top it all off, tell her in a sincere tone of voice:

"I am a not the kind of guy who would want you for one thing only. I am in love with your whole being! I am not gonna deny it. I am physically attracted to you. But I love you so much that I don't even care if we have sex or not. Being around you, with your effervescent personality, is reward enough for me!"

If her eyes don't well up with tears and she doesn't fall in love with you after hearing these noble sentiments my name isn't Dr. Casanova. She'll want to hear more of this crap, and it just so happens that there is no better place to express your appreciation of her personality than the good old bed...

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